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  • Hotel Management System


    Your customer is your biggest asset. Her perception about your business eventually defines your success. Perception is driven by experience. Waiting on hold, language barriers or an employee who is distracted while taking an order creates a bad experience even before the customer has tasted your food. Taking an order is the first step in developing a good experience. E-Menu provides the no-hassle, low-cost, state-of-the-art system to take online orders. Look at the details to see the importance of a well designed system.

  • school management system

    E-School Management System

    We offer a comprehensive online student management system specifically designed for schools. Every function is fully integrated using a single, powerful, and completely secure database. Syntrasol's school management software can handle the varied needs of your school. Our clients include public schools, private schools, Catholic schools, international schools, virtual schools, charter schools, Jewish schools, independent schools, online schools, and military schools.

  • Inventry Management System

    Inventry Management System

    Are you tired of dealing with outdated or inefficient inventory management solutions that are time-consuming, frustrating, and wasteful? Whether you're the plant manager at a large mining operation, the tool crib manager at a smaller manufacturing corporation, or anyone looking to streamline their company's inventory management processes and realize potential savings opportunities, inventory management software from SYNTRASOL is the solution you've been looking for. ...

  • Public Relation Management System

    Public Relation Management System

    The public relations role that calls for developing communications objectives that are consistent with an organization's overall objectives. As two-way communicators, relaying the resulting information (with recommendations) to other members of the management team...

  • email,Bulk Mailing System

    Bulk Mailing System

    Bulk email software is Web-Based Application that allows you to automatically send email with attachment to mentioned email address on scheduled time ...

Networking Services

Syntrasol Consultants provides a wide range of networking solutions, including systems design, implementation, operation, and maintenance support. Our teams have extensive experience in implementing the latest in networking technologies for customers with varying requirements and topologies. Services include hardware assessment, procurement, installation, and support, and can address any networking requirements that our customers may have


  • Complete analysis and needs assessment of the in-place network systems
  • Procurement and installation of networking and data processing technology that is "best-of-breed", standards-based, interoperable, scalable, and flexible
  • End-to-end upgrades and support of network hardware, including modifications to existing facilities, support for new construction projects, and full-scale technology refresh programs
  • Technology refresh of End User Devices, such as PC's, printers, and laptops, including procurement and deployment
  • Immediate response "NRS Teams" to support small projects, such as wiring upgrades and other minor renovation projects
  • Operational support, including LAN management, Help Desk services, and overall network diagnostics support.

Syntrasol's Networking Team recognizes that reliable operation of a company's network is no longer a luxury: it is now an absolutely critical part of a company's day-to-day well-being. The success or failure of a company's IT systems translates directly to customer service, market perception, and that critical competitive edge that ensures survival and growth. Outdated technologies, poorly managed configurations, and lack of interoperability can lead to network downtime that can be costly in terms of revenue and reputation.

Syntrasol Consultants stresses the importance of a smart up-front design, and ensures that reliability, security, and efficiency take the highest priority. Our team assesses the customer's needs, incorporates those requirements into a solid design, procures the necessary equipment, and implements the design to ensure stability and efficient operations. Our end-to-end support services can give you the confidence of having a well-designed, reliable, and secure network that will keep your organization running at optimal capacity, and that IT keeps you moving forward and never slows you down.