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  • Hotel Management System


    Your customer is your biggest asset. Her perception about your business eventually defines your success. Perception is driven by experience. Waiting on hold, language barriers or an employee who is distracted while taking an order creates a bad experience even before the customer has tasted your food. Taking an order is the first step in developing a good experience. E-Menu provides the no-hassle, low-cost, state-of-the-art system to take online orders. Look at the details to see the importance of a well designed system.

  • school management system

    E-School Management System

    We offer a comprehensive online student management system specifically designed for schools. Every function is fully integrated using a single, powerful, and completely secure database. Syntrasol's school management software can handle the varied needs of your school. Our clients include public schools, private schools, Catholic schools, international schools, virtual schools, charter schools, Jewish schools, independent schools, online schools, and military schools.

  • Inventry Management System

    Inventry Management System

    Are you tired of dealing with outdated or inefficient inventory management solutions that are time-consuming, frustrating, and wasteful? Whether you're the plant manager at a large mining operation, the tool crib manager at a smaller manufacturing corporation, or anyone looking to streamline their company's inventory management processes and realize potential savings opportunities, inventory management software from SYNTRASOL is the solution you've been looking for. ...

  • Public Relation Management System

    Public Relation Management System

    The public relations role that calls for developing communications objectives that are consistent with an organization's overall objectives. As two-way communicators, relaying the resulting information (with recommendations) to other members of the management team...

  • email,Bulk Mailing System

    Bulk Mailing System

    Bulk email software is Web-Based Application that allows you to automatically send email with attachment to mentioned email address on scheduled time ...

Custom Application Developement Solution

Companies are not always ready to buy expensive software applications and are looking for skilled people. At the same time they need industry standard software solutions that enable them to manage various tasks of business. It is crucial for them not to waste lots of financial, human and timing budgets. In other words there must be an optimum correlation here. We are ready to propose the very best solution for you as we know how to make projects mutually beneficial for both parties.

  • Highly targeted and customized solution to cope with your business needs
  • Integration with your existing systems or new applications
  • Close look and scrupulous analysis of your business processes that allows you to tweak and tune your workflow
  • Thorough quality assurance and "no-defects" policy
  • Full-scale support and technical consultancy
  • Significant improvement of your company's operational performance

Looking to have a windows application developed?

Leave the task to the experts on this job, we have been working with mobile development agencies for a good number of years now. Windows mobile platform has been lingering around for quite some time now, the platform may have become public recently but the platform was made available for Application development a lot earlier.

The Windows application development platform is a rather easy platform to work with, and with the introduction of mobile phones custom built on the Windows OS the demand for Windows application development seems to be growing.

Intergration and Customization

Quite often companies don't need to develop custom solutions from scratch. First of all that can be more expensive than buying some existing product and also it can bring unnecessary risks. There is variety of third-party products available on the market, which covers major areas and needs of businesses such as CRM, ERP systems, accounting packages and so on. Many software vendors provide customization options for their products what means that certain product can be tailored quite closely to the needs of certain business.

SYNTRASOL can provide you with start-to-finish software implementation

  • Requirements Gathering and Needs Analysis to establish direction for your software
  • Standards-based development efforts to guarantee stability and portability
  • Pertinent, well-designed graphical layouts that give a professional look
  • Content Management Systems to help you keep your website information current